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3D Decorative Wall panels 3D Decorative Tiles

Wave 3D Wall Panel Tiles Decorative Gypsum panels

3D panels collection allows you to create a 3D geometric feature without sanding joints, which means they are very quick and simple to install using a fibre fix adhesive. 3D panels are made of natural plaster, environmentally friendly and fire-resistant material. Choosing from a range of different geometric shapes enables you to create unusual features and beautiful centre-pieces. Gypsum panels comes in their natural white colour, but they can be painted with standard emulsion paint to any colour, after or before fitting.

3D panels are created using only the highest quality casting plasters, which makes them far more durable than lower specification alternatives. The panels are ideal for use in any interior space, including bathrooms, and are especially effective for soundproofing or if you want to produce a light and shadow effect.

Our gypsum panels are a simple product to install using a high tack adhesive. Choosing from a mix of different geometric shapes enables you to unusual design features on walls or beautiful centrepieces. The material can be pre-painted with high quality toughened paint and you can choose from a range of shades provided by the NCS colour pallet. Highly recommended for internal walls, our 3D Gypsum panels make the perfect statement as a feature wall.

Price for one tiles

Size of Tiles:  50 x 50 cm

Panel cover: 0,25 SQM

Minimum order: 20 panels

We advise you to hire a professional for installing these panels to give out the best effect

Please check stock availability for this item before you purchase.

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