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Heaven Furniture is a brand that we created a few years ago, we try to build relationships based on trust and high-quality services. Together with our team, we constantly improve our offer and service process. Whoever visiting us will benefit from a functional and easy-to-use website that contains several sets of products and is constantly growing

The current website of the online store is yet another version of it, built on the basis of previous experience, in the interest of more advanced facilities also for you. Due to the business profile associated with equipment and interior design, a clear division of categories was applied, both in terms of major product categories and technical specification

Your satisfaction is our priority, which is why we make a lot of effort to present the products in our offer in the form of photos, descriptions and technical specification,

We do not discuss our tastes. Everyone has the right to live and live as he likes. Change your home into a real home, without having to spend long hours in the crowded shopping centres

You can always count on inspirations prepared by us, among which you will surely find at least a few ideas for the decor of your ideal interior. We want to achieve everything by an individual approach to each client and offer

Buying furniture online?

Why not. If you only value your comfort and would like to make your life easier, it's nice to let you know that you have just come to the right place. Now open your imagination and think how beautiful shopping can be in the comfort of your home. Maybe on the living room sofa with a glass of your favourite wine in your hand? No need to stand in traffic jams, no crowds, no tiring lighting and noise in shopping centres, without strictly adhering to the opening hours of stores. Your comfort, however, is not the end of the advantages that our online furniture store will offer you ...


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Company Number: SC472227

200 Silvertonhill Avenue, Hamilton, Scotland, ML3 7PF

We are registered with Companies House and you can check us on their website 

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